rendered to dust

Nine months to make me

Eighteen years to break me, Then

twenty-eight more,

til you walked out my door

but not before

vomiting your poison

upon my floor, And

as I watched in fear

It began to swarm

around my leg

up my arm, then

into my ear


“Listen to your mother, dear”

And as the door slammed shut

your venom reached my gut

I can’t explain

the amount of pain

that toxin caused me

as it settled within me

You left me bereft, of

a love I’ve never known, of

kindness you’ve never shown, But

my anger didn’t last

As minute by minute ticked past

the toxins  you left behind

lost their hold on my mind, and

once the venom settled inside

I collected my feelings

 I could no longer hide, Then

Like lifeless bodies, I stacked them

upon each other, and side by side

I tossed on my dignity

my pride, then




my trust





The pile I made grew so high

a mountain of your bullshit pierced the sky, Then

just to prove that I wasn’t weak

I climbed to the top of your monstrous peak, and

with both hands dug into the ooze

 I pulled it

I rolled it

into an umbilical fuse, then

I lit the tip

and ran like hell

I praised the lord when the mountain fell!

As watched from the distance, enjoying the show

a strong, cool breeze began to blow

pushing the glowing embers about, and

carrying all the hot ashes out

By the end of an hour

my soul was burned clean

and a heart you turned sour

pumped strong and pristine

And my plague-ridden mind

You Infected with pain

was as clean as the springtime

after a mid-morning rain

And I smiled, for I knew

I would care for you

never again

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