Bring Out Your Dead!

Another day turns to night

through the mist

comes a light

 “Bring out your dead!”

a voice rings out

but to my ears

tis not a shout

No, to my ears

tis a song

I’m so excited

I turn, I run

to tell my family

oh, what fun!

For the man with the cart

has come at last

and our time as a family

has come to pass

But as I gaze upon them

it’s clear

they’re unhappy to leave me here

I see it on every part of them

from their disfigured faces

to their broken, torn limbs

And their eyes!

Those dull orbs that twitch no more

now show more suffering than the day before


Should I bring my family out

when doing so will cause them such pain?

Or better tomorrow? When I have no doubt,

the man with the cart shall come again

Yes! Yes!

Another day until we part,

then I will

stack them all upon the cart

so it may haul my latest kill

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