Rapping on My Door

I put my wife into the earth

Just three days before

the night she came rapping

rapping at my door


I placed her back in her plot

“Oh God,” I cried

“No more”

“Please keep my love from rising

No more rapping at my door”


The next night

round the witching hour

just like the night before

I was awakened from my slumber

by rapping on my door


I rolled my eyes and cursed out loud

as my bare feet touched the floor

I donned my clothes

I grabbed my shovel

so I may bury her once more


I led her to the cemetery

and set about my chore

to dig for her a deeper plot

much deeper than before


As the morning light touched my back

I buried her in once more

Then, tired as a man could be

I walked back to my door


Two evenings passed in silence

just like the nights before

my love began to haunt me

by rapping at my door


“Oh, thank you, Lord for helping”

“I will ask for nothing more”

“Just keep my love from rapping

rapping at my door”



on the third night she returned again

it was half the way to four

In the dark, I heard her rapping

rapping at my door


I opened the door

stood aside

I could think to do no more

“If you refuse to stay in your grave, my love

come in, be mine, as before”


She grunted and growled as she walked in

She went right to the bathroom door

She opened the door

and I saw the red light

of her curling iron on the floor


She snatched it up and pulled the plug

Its light went dark once more


dragging the iron by the cord

she walked back out my door

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