True Hell

You shiver in darkness

all warmth forgot

Immersed in a coldness

evil has wrought

Lack of sound

lack of light

Blacker than the blackest night

Suddenly before you

a glowing a path

bricked by hatred



Blisters form upon each stride

beneath the soles of your soul inside

Lighting the walkway

grasping hands

reaching out through flames

fueled by man

thousands of voices

cry out in pain

from souls that have been

burned insane

Within the flames

faces twisting

eye-sockets burning

swollen tongues glistening

Tortured expressions

scorched flesh cracks

Whip marks scars upon their backs

Your soul recoils

it tries to flee

from the sight of so much agony

But your mind has trapped your soul inside

which is is where true hell resides

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