Queen of the zombies

Tell them what you are going to tell them.

That night it was particularly dark and grim, there was a evil glint to the stars in the sky, not their usual brilliance did I see with my eyes… As I continued down that wooded road, in search of that house in the hidden grove, I was worried but unafraid, I knew the path so very well, I started skipping, then slowed at the smell…The pathway was suddenly littered with dead bodies, I can only assume, coronavirus zombies, they had in their heads been double tapped…ahead the hidden grove where had once been our home, there were live ones creeping around for a chance, stumbling around in some strange zombie dance, I decided I had to disembark, I had to inform my crew, there was nothing more that I could do … And as I turned I heard a distorted laugh, I was trapped in a coronavirus zombie smash, not…

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