The Fall of Demeter: Part One


INCIDENT TYPE: Missing Crew-member

INPUTTED BY: Captain William Dubois

DATE: 01 FEB 2235

TIME: 23:10 Earth Time (U.S.) (EST)


During the one-year anniversary potluck, Mr. Edwards, the ship’s lead mechanic was reported missing by Commander Reynolds, the maintenance supervisor. Mr. Edwards consumed too much alcohol at the party and, according to Commander Reynolds, became “handsy” with some of the female crew. He was ordered to his quarters and left the engagement without further incident.

At approximately 21:15 US EST, Commander Reynolds went to Mr. Edwards’s quarters to officially reprimand him. Mr. Edwards wasn’t there. Commander Reynolds did a cursory search of the third deck but could not locate Mr. Edwards. I was informed by Commander Reynolds at approximately 22:00 U.S. EST.

Upon notification of Mr. Edwards’s disappearance, I called a meeting with all Commissioned officers. They’ve been instructed with ensuring all decks are searched until Mr. Edwards is located, to include the cargo hold, and passenger deck. The search is expected to last all night – if not most of tomorrow morning.

Incident level for this report is non-emergency. There are only so many places a crewmember can go aboard a ship.

Updated report will be submitted upon discovery of Mr. Edwards’s location.




INPUTTED BY: Sergeant Kearstin Kramer

DATE: 01 FEB 2235

TIME: 21:05 Earth Time (U.S.) (EST)

Okay, so I was chilling with my best friend Andrea, you know, Sergeant Brooke? Anyways, she was telling me about something personal, for like girls’ ears only. That’s when Warrant Officer Edwards snuck up behind us, lifted me in the air, then set me on the bar. Then, drink as could be, grabbed Sergeant Brooke and kissed her full on the mouth. Warrant Officer Edwards is kind of old. I mean, he’s over forty. Gross! Sergeant Brooke of course barfed her brains out. Some of the barf looked bloody. It was disgusting.

Anyway, I saw Commander Reynolds dancing with Janet, you know, Lieutenant Martin? So, I told him what Warrant Officer Edwards just did. He thanked me for telling him, then he went to Warrant Officer Edwards and yelled at him. Then he told him to leave.

That’s pretty much all. Oh, that kiss must have been the worst kiss ever because Andrea has been sick in her quarters since then. They won’t let anyone in to see her. Ship Doc says if it’s a virus, it could spread. I’ll just see her when she’s better. I’m sure she will understand.

Right after the party, Commander Reynolds came to my quarters and told me to file this report. So, I did. That is all I have to say.




INPUTTED BY: Master Sergeant John Angleton

DATE: 01 FEB 2235

TIME: 22:42 Earth Time (U.S.) (EST)

I didn’t see or hear anything regarding this incident. Andrea Brooke attended the party without me. I wasn’t feeling well, so I laid down and tried to get some rest. The first I heard about this incident is when the Commander came to my quarters and told me that Andrea is sick, and Mr. Edwards is missing. The Commander made me part of the search party for the pervert, so I may be filling out another statement soon.


TO: Captain William Dubois (

FROM: Commander Paul Reynolds (

SUBJECT: Warrant Officer Edwards

DATE: 02 FEB 2235

TIME: 07:47 Earth Time (U.S.) (EST)


As instructed, the crew started from the bridge, then worked down to the cargo bay, deck by deck. Perhaps they should have started from the cargo deck first since that’s where Mr. Edwards was found. Or at least, I believe it’s Mr. Edwards.

I really need you to come to the medical bay, sir. If what we found is Mr. Edwards, you’re going to need to see it for for yourself.

Also, Sergeant Andrea Brooke’s condition has worsened. She’s begun to develop some kind of bad rash down her back. And the Doc said something about a severe case of (anemia?). You’ll have to speak to the Doc to get the full story, I’m afraid.

I reorganized the crew and we’re performing a quick headcount of the civilian passengers, as you ordered. I’ll update you once the count is completed.


Paul G. Reynolds

Commander, SB

U.S. Space Force


Serious Incident Report (SIR)

INCIDENT TYPE: Sick Crewmembers

INPUTTED BY: Captain William Dubois

DATE: 02 FEB 2235

TIME: 10:21 Earth Time (U.S.) (EST)

Warrant Officer Edwards was found by the search party attached to a wall in the cargo area. He’s surrounded by some kind of cocoon, or chrysalis – as the Doc called it. I told the Doc to remove it, but he said he can’t until he studies it further. He said If he removes it without knowing how it’s affecting the Chief; it may kill him.

The Assistant Quartermaster, Sergeant Andrea Brooke has also taken ill. She’s presenting with fever (spiking above 103 degrees) and now, Doc says she’s showing signs of developing the same condition as the Chief (if the cocooned person is the Chief).

I ordered a headcount of all passengers. The thousand or so in stasis shouldn’t take long to verify. I’ll send the completed report when the count is completed.

Bottom Line Up Front:

  • Two passengers incapacitated by illness / other.
  • Unknown disposition of civilian passengers

Further updates will be inputted into the system as new information become available.

It would be nice if it didn’t take over a month for this transmission to reach you.

CPT Dubois


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