The Fall of Demeter: Part 4

TO: Commander Paul Reynolds (

FROM: Captain William Dubois (

SUBJECT: Passenger Head Count

DATE: 02 FEB 2235

TIME: 15:06 Earth Time (U.S.) (EST)


That’s a good copy, Commander.

But did you say that you have Sergeant Angleton there with you? Like, right now?

I just came from Sergeant Angleton’s quarters. There’s a cocoon attached to his wall. I assumed he was inside it. If he’s there, we need to find out who is inside the cocoon. See if he knows.


I agree with you in sealing off the decks. Seal off the cargo bay and get the hell out of there. Then move up to the Passenger Deck and seal that one off too. If what I’ve been briefed is true, the passengers are a loss. At this point, I’ll be happy to get as many of my crew to Gliese alive as I can.

Meet me on the bridge when you’re done. You need to be properly debriefed.

CPT Dubois, out.


TO: Captain William Dubois (

FROM: Commander Paul Reynolds (

SUBJECT: Passenger Head Count

DATE: 02 FEB 2235

TIME: 15:07 Earth Time (U.S.) (EST)


I acknowledge, sir.

Sergeant Angleton says he has no idea about the cocoon in his quarters. I believe him if that means anything. Either way, a lot of our crew went down in the cargo bay. They’re all stuck to the walls and shit – turning into – I dunno what the fuck. Either way, we’ll need all the people we can get. Did you think about the lifeboat idea? I think it might be a good choice, sir. We have no idea where this shit is going, but we do know, whatever it is, it isn’t good. Shouldn’t we try to save as many of the crew as possible?

I’m not second guessing your decisions, sir. I’m just offering my opinions – as your first officer.

Anyway, sir. We’re about to seal the Cargo Bay. Then, as ordered, we’ll go up and seal off the passenger deck. Over a thousand people. God forgive us. I know we have to do it, sir – but I just feel like shit. You know?

I’ll meet you on the Bridge when I’m done – just as you ordered.

Commander Reynolds, out.


Serious Incident Report (SIR)

INCIDENT TYPE: lost Crewmembers and passengers

INPUTTED BY: Captain William Dubois

DATE: 02 FEB 2235

TIME: 15:10 Earth Time (U.S.) (EST)

Situation: Commander Reynolds is down in the Cargo-Bay. He may have sealed it already and is moving up to the Passenger Deck, but I don’t really know. I haven’t heard from him in over a few minutes. Man with him claims to be Sergeant Angleton. Had Computer do DNA sequence of mass of shit stuck to Angleton’s quarters. It’s him – him – and something else. That means the shit-sack moving with the Commander isn’t Sergeant Angleton.

Response: Most of crew still on upper decks. Passengers a complete loss. Will collapse the deck directly above passenger deck to seal off threat. With any luck, we’ll be able to make it to Gliese without any further incident, then take care of remaining issues once we get there. There’s only so much we can do from deep space.

God bless you, Commander Reynolds.

CPT Dubois, Out.

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