Two a.m.
I woke in fear
A dripping in the dark
It was so clear
My dreams were quickly cast aside
replaced by thoughts
of where to hide
But after the fogginess of sleep departed
I searched my home
My mind in turmoil
My frail nerves ground
I had to find that dripping sound
I searched the bathroom
the sink was dry
I searched the kitchen, then
my own eye
I checked the windows
looked out my door
checked the body on the floor
I searched the freezer
where a large black sack
held the corpse
of my neighbor, Jack
I opened the bag,
then cinched it tight
No dripping there
but Jack was ripe!
I fell to my knees
was about to cry
then a drop landed
on my thigh
I felt round my head
I laughed
then shout
“Thank the lord!”
It’s just my sanity leaking out!”

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