Once a Year

I only see her once a year

I look forward to that day

way out past the edge of town

on the tenth of May

It’s the one day each year

I shed no tear

But the rest

are dark and grey

I cry and cry

As the months drag by

All the way to May

If I’d treated her right

Held her tight

Instead of being mean

If I’d been the man

she was sure I am

Life would be so serene

But that’s not how it went

All those nights I spent

without her

haunt me night and day

And I toss

and I turn

For the chances I burned

before the lord took my true love away

All the things left unsaid, that

haunt what’s left of my head

could’ve been spoken before the last dying breath

But it wasn’t to be

and the blame was on me

Because I drank myself to death.

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