Childe Roland: The Quest Continues

Another battle won Still, your path is not clear Tired, but still you trudge on Keep fighting son There’s nothing to fear Soon, You’ll make it home Update: Roland is infection free. The doctor removed the tube from his mouth and he is breathing room air. Even with the intravenous feeding, he’s gained over aContinue reading “Childe Roland: The Quest Continues”

Childe Roland: Still Travelling

“I saw them and I knew them all. And yetDauntless the slug-horn to my lips I set,And blew. ’Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came.” – Robert Browning Update on our little adventurer. Somehow, our boy was exposed to e-coli while in the NICU. He’s responding well to antibiotics and is now giving the nursesContinue reading “Childe Roland: Still Travelling”

Childe Roland to 2020 Came

My first thought was, he is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. This wonderful boy with his father’s eyes and his mother’s face… Welcome to the world, Roland Dean Duchene. In keeping with the spirit of 2020, you were born ten weeks early. But, in keeping with the DuChene spirit, you’re a fighter –Continue reading “Childe Roland to 2020 Came”

The Abduction: A Novella, Part Five

THEN 11 Michael pulled hard against the cuffs that bound him to the steel table. The officer left minutes before, but refused to loosen the cuff before he went, even after Michael complained about it cutting off his circulation. Michael shook his hand to get some feeling back into it. When the large, metal doorContinue reading “The Abduction: A Novella, Part Five”

The Abduction: A Novella, Part Four

NOW7 Michael hit Sam with a backhand to the lips. That got the fuck’s attention. Sam’s head popped up and he looked frantically around the room, at first appearing to not remember where he was. When his gaze lowered to the zip-tied stump resting on his lap, he started freaking out a little. His eyesContinue reading “The Abduction: A Novella, Part Four”

The Abduction: A Novella, Part Three

THEN 5 Sam Greensborough leaned forward and peered at the small open box Michael sat at the center of the table. “It’s beautiful, Michael.” He said. “Triphanie will love it. When’s the big day again?” “Tonight, actually,” Michael said. “Five years. Can you believe it?” Sam nodded. “They fly by fast,” he said. “Hell, CarolContinue reading “The Abduction: A Novella, Part Three”

The Abduction: A Novella, Part Two

2 The hangover was bad, but not nearly as rough as a few of the ones Michael had on the inside (That hooch could be brutal). He scraped himself out of bed, went to the sink, looked at his reflection in the mirror. Boy, he thought, you really look like shit. His eyes were bloodshotContinue reading “The Abduction: A Novella, Part Two”

The Abduction: A Novella Part One

NOW 1 Michael Ashe was fucking drenched. He’d been standing in the rain for at least ten cigarettes, staring at his ex-wive’s house, trying to work up the nerve to walk up and knock on the door. He was more than a little disappointed with himself. After three years and change inside the walls ofContinue reading “The Abduction: A Novella Part One”