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I Smile

as a cool wind whispers among slumbering willows she warms my side sings me her song I think of roads both, behind And yet to travel Then, in the darkness I smile Years from now When the willows are taller the children are gone and my hair is too I envision us still just likeContinue reading “I Smile”

Dancing Past Mars

Through time and space we twirl along dancing forever on a sea of stars I caress her face as she sings her song I spin her I dip her then we slide past Mars We tango past Jupiter Then arm in arm we swing all the way to Saturn where we moonwalk across a ringContinue reading “Dancing Past Mars”

The Dark Side

Such a paradise We have found on the dark side Where nothing grows but our love for each other This is how it should be Just the two of us Far away from the ogling eyes and groping claws of the Morlocks below This is how it should be I pull her closer I smellContinue reading “The Dark Side”


Drifting: I’m wading in an ocean determined to drown me She whispers that I can float while she gently pulls me down *** Dancing: I’m Spinning and gliding upon a bed of frozen water But the strength of the surface is deceptive And waits to break beneath my feet *** Draining: Like a succubus, sheContinue reading “Succubus”

Once a Year

I only see her once a year I look forward to that day way out past the edge of town on the tenth of May It’s the one day each year I shed no tear But the rest are dark and grey I cry and cry As the months drag by All the way toContinue reading “Once a Year”


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