I heard her scratching again. She’d been at it for weeks – dragging her fingernails against the cold stone walls of her cell. But her cries were like music to me. I slunk into the adjacent cell, pressed my ear against the cold wall – just to hear her better. When she let out aContinue reading “THE CAPTIVE”

Final Rattle

Dark child What sickness awaits beyond your perfect lips? It must be difficult to conceal the darkness that lurks behind your smile. But, Just as hard, is my task to balance these feelings of sorrow with the joy of your touch Deeply wounded I now know what I must do What mission I must completeContinue reading “Final Rattle”

The Zombie Test Animated Cover

Created an animated version of my cover for The Zombie Test (One of my collections). What do you think? If you’d like to read it, but don’t have Kindle, let me know. I’ll be happy to send it to you.


The living room was sparsely decorated. A small table sat in one corner. A lamp (just an old thing his Mom gave him), cast off a faint glow. Next to the small table sat a vomit-stained sofa. And a coffee table littered with empty food containers, beer cans, and a nine-millimeter Beretta. Roy Chappell brushedContinue reading “BLOOD OF THE SHEEP: PART ONE”

Mommy Loves You

Troy froze for a few seconds before walking completely inside the house, his head barely poking through the door, – listening for sounds. Not just any sounds either, but the banging, slamming kind that could alert him to – one of mother’s moods. The house was silent, so he walked in, threw his book bagContinue reading “Mommy Loves You”