Drifting: I’m wading in an ocean determined to drown me She whispers that I can float while she gently pulls me down *** Dancing: I’m Spinning and gliding upon a bed of frozen water But the strength of the surface is deceptive And waits to break beneath my feet *** Draining: Like a succubus, sheContinue reading “Succubus”

Still Travelling, by Annie DuChene

I’ve continued my pathalmost finished with my journeyon the road to the moon at last!Though trials and tribulationsare to come stillI stop, gaze at a moonlit fieldAll feelings of doubt concealed.People tried to get me to returnBack to the land of the sunYet,seeing this viewI knowI’m so close nowOn the road to the moonI canContinue reading “Still Travelling, by Annie DuChene”

Final Rattle

Dark child What sickness awaits beyond your perfect lips? It must be difficult to conceal the darkness that lurks behind your smile. But, Just as hard, is my task to balance these feelings of sorrow with the joy of your touch Deeply wounded I now know what I must do What mission I must completeContinue reading “Final Rattle”


Two a.m.I woke in fearA dripping in the darkIt was so clearMy dreams were quickly cast asidereplaced by thoughtsof where to hideBut after the fogginess of sleep departedI searched my homerapid-heartedMy mind in turmoilMy frail nerves groundI had to find that dripping soundI searched the bathroomthe sink was dryI searched the kitchen, thenmy own eyeIContinue reading “Dripping”

This is How It Ends?

This is how it ends? Not with a whimper But a, what the fuck? Good news! There’s plenty of cola left But if you need to wipe your ass You’re shit outta luck And the people at the market Don’t get me started Half wearing masks Half socially retarded I want to grab them hardContinue reading “This is How It Ends?”

Call of The Windigo by Johnny DuChene

As I lay in the woodsnear the indigo watersI hear the WindigoIts velocityIts monstrosityIts sound is drawing nearI am stunnedfull of fearCould it end right here?How could I escape?I am a mere mortaland cannot travel in portalsI live on in painand travel my laneThe lane to deathcannot be more plainI am at my dying breathItContinue reading “Call of The Windigo by Johnny DuChene”

True Hell

You shiver in darkness all warmth forgot Immersed in a coldness evil has wrought Lack of sound lack of light Blacker than the blackest night Suddenly before you a glowing a path bricked by hatred self-pity wrath Blisters form upon each stride beneath the soles of your soul inside Lighting the walkway grasping hands reachingContinue reading “True Hell”

Isolation by Annie DuChene

The wind finally died down the moon’s reflection on the water is still Suddenly, a sound of swooping A synthetic call of a Whip-poor-will Even late at night I’m never quite alone, For even in this world Many eyes are watching. If not my body, my words But now’s not the time to live inContinue reading “Isolation by Annie DuChene”

Rapping on My Door

I put my wife into the earth Just three days before the night she came rapping rapping at my door *** I placed her back in her plot “Oh God,” I cried “No more” “Please keep my love from rising No more rapping at my door” *** The next night round the witching hour justContinue reading “Rapping on My Door”