The Zombie Test Animated Cover

Created an animated version of my cover for The Zombie Test (One of my collections). What do you think? If you’d like to read it, but don’t have Kindle, let me know. I’ll be happy to send it to you.


The living room was sparsely decorated. A small table sat in one corner. A lamp (just an old thing his Mom gave him), cast off a faint glow. Next to the small table sat a vomit-stained sofa. And a coffee table littered with empty food containers, beer cans, and a nine-millimeter Beretta. Roy Chappell brushedContinue reading “BLOOD OF THE SHEEP: PART ONE”

They’re Afraid of Fire: Part Five

Ma and Pa settled on the farm long after the plague began. Neither of them was from Oregon, but from the “big city” – though different ones. They met on the trail. They fell in love. Then they settled on the farm. That’s what Pa said. Ma saved Pa’s life from at least a dozenContinue reading “They’re Afraid of Fire: Part Five”

They’re Afraid of Fire: Part Three

It must’ve been mid-day before I could no longer smell the smoke. For the better part of the morning, I trudged up one hill, down the other side, side stepping trees along the way, only to find another hill waiting for me. Pa taught us many things, but he never taught us how many hillsContinue reading “They’re Afraid of Fire: Part Three”

They’re Afraid of Fire: Part One

ONE Outside, it was darker than ole Mitzie’s back-side. She was our only cow, but we got a lot of milk from her. Inside, both fireplaces were full and lit, and we were sitting around the table for supper, which was always one of the most entertaining times of the day for our family. PaContinue reading “They’re Afraid of Fire: Part One”

Fall of Demeter: Part Five

TO: Captain William Dubois ( FROM: Commander Paul Reynolds ( SUBJECT: Passenger Head Count DATE: 02 FEB 2235 TIME: 15:18 Earth Time (U.S.) (EST) ***VOICE TO TEXT*** Sir, You know I got your back. But I went ahead and placed explosives along the top of the passenger deck, just in case. I set the timersContinue reading “Fall of Demeter: Part Five”

The Fall of Demeter: Part 4

TO: Commander Paul Reynolds ( FROM: Captain William Dubois ( SUBJECT: Passenger Head Count DATE: 02 FEB 2235 TIME: 15:06 Earth Time (U.S.) (EST) ***VOICE TO TEXT*** That’s a good copy, Commander. But did you say that you have Sergeant Angleton there with you? Like, right now? I just came from Sergeant Angleton’s quarters. There’sContinue reading “The Fall of Demeter: Part 4”