Drifting: I’m wading in an ocean determined to drown me She whispers that I can float while she gently pulls me down *** Dancing: I’m Spinning and gliding upon a bed of frozen water But the strength of the surface is deceptive And waits to break beneath my feet *** Draining: Like a succubus, sheContinue reading “Succubus”


Two a.m.I woke in fearA dripping in the darkIt was so clearMy dreams were quickly cast asidereplaced by thoughtsof where to hideBut after the fogginess of sleep departedI searched my homerapid-heartedMy mind in turmoilMy frail nerves groundI had to find that dripping soundI searched the bathroomthe sink was dryI searched the kitchen, thenmy own eyeIContinue reading “Dripping”

Call of The Windigo by Johnny DuChene

As I lay in the woodsnear the indigo watersI hear the WindigoIts velocityIts monstrosityIts sound is drawing nearI am stunnedfull of fearCould it end right here?How could I escape?I am a mere mortaland cannot travel in portalsI live on in painand travel my laneThe lane to deathcannot be more plainI am at my dying breathItContinue reading “Call of The Windigo by Johnny DuChene”

True Hell

You shiver in darkness all warmth forgot Immersed in a coldness evil has wrought Lack of sound lack of light Blacker than the blackest night Suddenly before you a glowing a path bricked by hatred self-pity wrath Blisters form upon each stride beneath the soles of your soul inside Lighting the walkway grasping hands reachingContinue reading “True Hell”

Bring Out Your Dead!

Another day turns to night through the mist comes a light  “Bring out your dead!” a voice rings out but to my ears tis not a shout No, to my ears tis a song I’m so excited I turn, I run to tell my family oh, what fun! For the man with the cart hasContinue reading “Bring Out Your Dead!”

Five Days Gone

Five days gone in search of my sanity After dozens of bottles searched it eludes me still The song of the dragon calls to me taunts me weighs heavily on my eyes The surface of the bar against my cheek is blessedly cool as I take my leave I smile For my time has comeContinue reading “Five Days Gone”