Updates from the Couch: Day 26

An air of unpalatable uneasiness lingers in the air today. Annie feels it. Johnny feels it. I feel it most of all. I’m sure Amber feels it too, but she’s a beast and would never let it show. The final confrontation is dangerously close. I know it is. But It’s the wait that’s killing me.Continue reading “Updates from the Couch: Day 26”

Updates from the Couch: Day 25

Sorry, everyone. I know it’s getting late. I couldn’t update earlier because – well – because my wife, Annie was kidnapped. I’m sure you know who took her.  Those little pricks. Anyway, I’ll update you in a few. I gotta get this little one changed and fed. Okay. I’m back. So, As I was saying,Continue reading “Updates from the Couch: Day 25”

Updates from the Couch: Day 23 ½

Just dropping in real quick to let you know I did not get the fuckers tonight. I have watched a lot of Baby Bum on Netflix with my daughter, though. She loves this shit. Its like crack for toddlers. Oh, wait…is she is toddler yet? Let’s see – nearly thirteen months, born ten months early,Continue reading “Updates from the Couch: Day 23 ½”

Updates from the couch: Day 16

It’s 11:47 on a Tuesday afternoon. Outside, landscapers are destroying lawns up and down the block – but otherwise, the street is barren. Inside, I’m spending time with my one-year old daughter and editing my old stories in between work projects. Upstairs, my eighteen-year-old son is in the middle of whatever an eighteen-year-old dreams ofContinue reading “Updates from the couch: Day 16”