They’re Afraid of Fire: Part One

ONE Outside, it was darker than ole Mitzie’s back-side. She was our only cow, but we got a lot of milk from her. Inside, both fireplaces were full and lit, and we were sitting around the table for supper, which was always one of the most entertaining times of the day for our family. PaContinue reading “They’re Afraid of Fire: Part One”

Fall of Demeter: Part Five

TO: Captain William Dubois ( FROM: Commander Paul Reynolds ( SUBJECT: Passenger Head Count DATE: 02 FEB 2235 TIME: 15:18 Earth Time (U.S.) (EST) ***VOICE TO TEXT*** Sir, You know I got your back. But I went ahead and placed explosives along the top of the passenger deck, just in case. I set the timersContinue reading “Fall of Demeter: Part Five”

The Fall of Demeter: Part One

INCIDENT: During the one-year anniversary potluck, Mr. Edwards, the ship’s lead mechanic was reported missing by Commander Reynolds, the maintenance supervisor. Mr. Edwards consumed too much alcohol at the party and, according to Commander Reynolds, became “handsy” with some of the female crew. He was ordered to his quarters and left the engagement without furtherContinue reading “The Fall of Demeter: Part One”