Still Travelling, by Annie DuChene

I’ve continued my pathalmost finished with my journeyon the road to the moon at last!Though trials and tribulationsare to come stillI stop, gaze at a moonlit fieldAll feelings of doubt concealed.People tried to get me to returnBack to the land of the sunYet,seeing this viewI knowI’m so close nowOn the road to the moonI canContinue reading “Still Travelling, by Annie DuChene”

Updates from the couch: Day 16

It’s 11:47 on a Tuesday afternoon. Outside, landscapers are destroying lawns up and down the block – but otherwise, the street is barren. Inside, I’m spending time with my one-year old daughter and editing my old stories in between work projects. Upstairs, my eighteen-year-old son is in the middle of whatever an eighteen-year-old dreams ofContinue reading “Updates from the couch: Day 16”


We share with you a different view We’ll take you places you’ve never been We’ll introduce you to your worst nightmares demons, beasts, evil men We celebrate love the heavens above as well as the fires of hell And through the unknown you will travel alone while we sit on a throne plotting to castContinue reading “SpellCasters”